Hello World.

My name is 簡聖蓉, read as "Chien, Sheng-Jung" a Taiwanese designer currently based in Bangkok. Or, you can just call me Salie.

I have created digital products since 2016, striving to make people enjoy the digital world through memorable, useful, and friendly experiences. I seek to create simple and aesthetic interactive experiences by learning, practicing, and reflecting constantly.

In the past few years, I have delivered various designs for clients from leading tech companies, startups, and design agencies. Currently, I am a Product Designer at Agoda. I worked on Agoda Flights for the next level after it launched in mid-2019 and curating a better experience for Hotels Pricing. At Agoda, I co-initiated a recruitment program and gave a public speech to increase awareness of Agoda Design, and partnered with Thammasat Design Center to mentor a couple of talents. The program finally becomes a regular session in the Agoda design team.


I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, dreaming of becoming an English teacher or an international trader when I was little. The technology sounds like a nerdy term to me, and the design is even further from my life. I did not have a chance to learn user experience or design thinking until I was onboarding on my first design job as an intern.

The transition from Taiwan to Thailand, and from business major to design digital products wasn't a smooth path. Luckily, I am a fast learner who is always curious about new technology and trends. I enjoy learning new things every day in the fast-changing industry, which is the most attractive part to me about design technology. I believe that a good design comes from the balance between user-centered motivation and business goals.

Outside of work, I am traveling, watching movies, Netflix, eating cake, and cooking.


You can follow me here - LinkedInMedium and Github
or reach out by email - saliejung47@gmail.com