Agoda Flights

A Simple Click to Complete the Booking for Revisiting Customers


OBJECTIVE  After we launched the MVP of Agoda Flights, we started looking for opportunities to optimize the product. We found the drop off rate is higher than the accommodation side in the booking process. We assumed that the passenger details form might be the reason. Customers need to fill the form every time they come back since we don’t save anything in the account for later use.

CHALLENGE  Considering the resources and priorities, we kept changing the objective of this feature along the way. It is my job to make sure we still focus on the problem we tried to solve. Specifically, when there were different product managers with a different mindset of it.

RESPONSIBILITIES  I worked with three product managers due to changing goals. Initially, we land on a quick solution. However, to consider a long term goal, I created multiple iterations and have frequent discussions with engineers.

OUTCOME  After we introduced the feature, there is a 2% improvement in the micro-conversion rate that customers complete the passenger detail form and go to the payment step. We also found 60% of customers opting to save their traveler details for later use.

May 2020
Designer (1), Product Manager (2), Engineers (6+)
My role
UI/UX Design (App)
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