Agoda Product Marketing

Get a Better Offer by Taking Little Risks


OBJECTIVE  This project is an enhancement project based on an existing feature, which we offer a super valuable offer without identifying the hotel name and room details. We can only show the limited information like hotel star rating, location, and review rating. There are only 80~100 bookings per day that come from this feature. With the new deal with some hotels, we can display more information to help customers decide, and expect having more bookings.

CHALLENGE  With more details to show, it is still tricky to not cross the line. The requirement is to show three offers but not identify which one is the explicit hotel the customers will get until they complete the booking. To explain the rule itself is tricky enough, and we want to win customers' trust. We also face technical constraints on displaying information across the funnel.

RESPONSIBILITIES  We conducted the usability testing with two sessions. I came up with two directions of flow and found out the better solution among the sessions. After finalized the design, I also shared an internal case study with the design team. It helps designers to have a better direction on conducting usability testing afterward.

OUTCOME  We just introduced the feature and currently running the experiment. More details to be updated later.

October 2020
Researcher (1), Designer (1), Product Manager (1), Engineers (8+)
My role
Competitive Analysis, Usability testing, UI/UX Design (Web & App)
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The final direction we delivered.

I’m able to share more details about the project privately.