Hi There 👋

I'm Salie.

Majored in Business Administration in college, I didn't have any formal education in design. I learned everything about design from online resources, Awwwards, articles on Medium, and even Pinterest. As a social media editor for 2 more years, I worked hard on content marketing and social community management, believing that there will come in handy one day.

Started from the internship in a digital agency, I took the training about basic design knowledge from the art director in the company, it should be my first "class" about design and the real world. Learned by practice, I continually sharpened my design skills from projects. In 2.5 years, I designed digital experiences for various business, delivered 15 different projects in e-commerce, media, and industrial industry, clients from Taiwan, China and the USA.

I learned a lot from discussing with colleagues and clients, they taught me many things beyond my imagination and broaden my point of view. Gradually, I established my own values of design, even created the first design system in the company. It means a lot to me, it makes me realize I am not only a designer who drew the rectangles in the Sketch, but the designer who create system and disciplines. That is an important value for a big team.

Even there is still long way to learn, I am so excited to know more! In the future, I plan to put UX methods deeply into practice. To make people enjoy the digital world we are all going to face.

Salie Chien