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Boost sales by digital rebranding.



As a famous design furniture brand based in the U.S.A, Teamson has a great market portion on Amazon and Wayfair since 1997. In order to launch an ambitious new online experience, they decided to combine all of their brands by the time they meet their 10th anniversary.


Teamson knows what they want, so the development of the project going through smoothly and fast after first design proposal, when we had the consensus of the direction of the brand image. We cooperated with Teamson to build a comprehensive e-commerce site, boosting sales through marketing automation and member system.

My Role

It was smooth progress cooperated with Teamson. After we confirmed the design of the homepage and the flowchart for checkout, the rest of the page layout just following the style. We spent more time on branding page and icons design, to improve the brand image for every brand, makes them enjoyable and fun.


May - Nov 2017

Tools Used

Eagle, Moqups, Sketch, InVision, Trello


The Challenge

Mainly focus on kids furniture and toys, Teamson still has brands manufacturing modern furniture, and they also plan to develop pets appliances. The number of total products comes to more than 400, which means we should think about how to make users easier find the product they want. For brand strategy, it was also hard to combine four brands with different style into one website.



Teamson has a clear picture of the content for the new website, we did not spend much time discussing the information structure. We just made the sitemap more complete for sub-pages.

Sitemap of Teamson


Without experience in design the e-commerce site, I researched a lot on large EC platform and furniture brand, observing their checkout flow, details and the suitable style for Teamson. One of our goals is to create an EC site but not makes users feel marketing and sales, it was important to find the balance.

Research e-commerce sites.

Researched and found the commonly used UI among those EC sites.

Design Proposal

On the homepage, I planned to boost the brand image by fine-tuning situational photos, let those adorable products speak by themselves. Using white space, grays, and the layout following grid to present neutral style make every brand have their opportunities to stand out.

Research on Movie Field
Research on Movie Field


It was my first e-commerce project, I created the flowchart for shopping & checkout process to make sure we won't miss any steps. Users can find the products they want from the product list or buyer's guide. Due to the sweet service of parts request, I also created a flowchart for it. Customers can easily request assembly items by fill the form.

Flowchart of Shopping & Checkout
Flowchart of Parts Request


Brand Page

It is a place for every brand to present their creativity. Considering easy maintenance and development, I designed a template for brand page, but there is a different design on the top section. Playful elements are applied to icons, colors, and dynamic effects.

Brand Page: Fantasy Fields


To solve the problem of hard to search among hundreds of products, I worked hard on better search experience. On the product list page, there are filters for product category and brand, customers can also sort products by price and name. On the single product page, there is efficient information to know every detail, such as specs, brand story, assembly instruction and recommended products.

Product Info

Product Information

Product Filter

Product Filter

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Recommended Products

Recommneded Products


Teamson's target audience is grandmother and mom, but the customers are kids. We defined the tone & manner in a neutral style, we still want to remain creative lifestyle by elaborate icons. Considering the specialty of Teamson products, we particularly designed the icons for every category, customers can easily distinguish products by them.

Icons of Teamson

We created 40 fun and creative icons.


What I Learned

My first time designed an e-commerce website was a pressure journey, it also a starter for me to think about how to make those sophisticated UI design useful. Every step and click relating to sales, I worked hard to experience other successful case and applied the good parts on the Teamson site. This project made me think deeply about every decision I made, UI & UX design is not only about looking good but also good to use, for sure.

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